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Alloy saw blade welding tooth knowledge

Date:2011-10-12 11:22

  Welding gear tips


  Alloy performed by the ultra-fine powders at high pressure within the sintering temperature at 1200 ° C, the alloy welding are biased in favor of soldering. The purpose of protection does not damage the microstructure in the welding, soldering temperature should not be higher than 750 ° C temperature uniformity best welding every tooth. Welding gear to alloy carbide, to maintain a clean surrounding alloy do not have dust or workshop heated tooth Block does not allow rust or oxide flux should not be too thick or too thin, into a paste, granulated help flux can not use. Note the precipitation, to reconcile flux, re-use the best drops in the alloy, do not paste in the tooth root, the matrix. Using the silver wire is not the  pursuit of the silver content is too high, generally 45%. Silver wire metallic element silver, copper, nickel, silver, low-temperature, nickel and zinc enhance the mobility of copper to increase strength, adding the appropriate amount of manganese,  indium, selenium, and a more cohesive force. Manganese too expensive, there are holes, indium, selenium, general wire weld strength per square centimeter intensity of 5-16KG, generally each tooth, as the alloy weld size, per tooth strength can  not be less than 50KG, type of industry for more than 100KG. Immediately after welding finished blade on the oven of 100 ℃ tempering, reducing welding the internal organization of the teeth caused by stress and refine the alloy to improve the durability and abrasion resistance.

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