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The wheeled different saws to cut a new and efficient rescue tools

Date:2011-10-12 11:23

The fire-fighting equipment is an important tool to fight the same fire. Around the world attach great importance to industrial research and production of fire-fighting equipment, fire equipment industry after 20 years of reform and opening up has made great development. Accompanied the country's reform and opening up the gradual increase and rapid economic development has brought a variety of emergencies on the rise, the attention of the state the cause of the fire, advanced fire-fighting equipment will emerge, the efficient rescue of the market for a variety of fire rescue equipment such as the demand increased, and this demand will no doubt greatly promote the development of the fire equipment industry.



The traditional concept of the so-called cut, is actually a hard material grinding soft material, it will generate a lot of heat, impact, vibration, image change, cutting very slow. The wheeled different a new concept introduced in the cutting field to cut the drama machine, is the world's mechanical cutting equipment, the fastest cutting tool. The principle is: on the same machine, install the two the same diameter of the saw blade, two blade at the same speed in the opposite direction rotation, like scissors, you can work at any angle, any direction arbitrary, very difficult work will be cutting sawing machine in front of in wheeled different to be solved.

Ministry of Public Security Fire Station No. 034, February 14, 2003 the text to include the product in the SWAT team equipment, equipment must be equipped products. Wheel vary the cutting Saw cutting the field to introduce a new cutting concept, a machine driven by a two blade, two saw blades at the same speed, the opposite direction of rotation, the cutting material to be cut, With this design, not only because of improved cutting efficiency, shorten the cutting time required, the most important in the cutting process, there is no recoil, no vibration, shear force of the two directions cancel each other out, cutting smoothly with easy to operate. Wheeled different object to the high-speed rotation of the metal circular saw blades for cutting Saw inlaid alloy heads cutting, cutting the amount of one-way cutting the huge recoil makes hand-held operation becomes impractical, and only case of two-way cutting, the two shear forces cancel each other out, hand-held cutting can be achieved, the operator can at any angle, any direction arbitrary cut.

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