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Analysis of the structure and properties of diamond saw blade

Date:2011-10-12 11:29

Diamond Saw Blade Diamond Tools in the consumption of the largest tool to optimize the matrix and the jagged structure of the diamond circular saw blades is an important way to improve sawing effect. An overview of the home and abroad to optimize the matrix of diamond circular saw blades and jagged structure of the relevant outcomes, and analysis of various anti-wear side, anti-stress and deformation, to improve the cooling performance saw the matrix and the characteristics of the sawtooth structure, the value of production and problems.
1 Introduction
Diamond Saw Blade Diamond Tools in the consumption of the largest tool, accounting for the diamond tool materials consumed more than 95% of the total. In recent years, optimization Diamond Saw Blade section formula a lot of research, so that the cutting performance of diamond saw blade to significantly improve the heads greatly reduce the cost and improve the competitiveness of a domestic saw blade in the domestic market. Processing objects become more complex, with the increasingly broad range of applications of diamond circular saw blades, saw blade in addition to general wear, sharp performance requirements, but also its adaptation to the material being processed (such as all kinds of marble, granite reinforced concrete, asphalt pavement, etc.), processing conditions (such as dry cutting, wet cutting, sawing, thin plate, with high accuracy, etc.) as well as environmental requirements (such as noise, sewage, etc.) the ability to put a higher demand, which are on presented new challenges for the design and manufacture of diamond saw blade, blade performance is not enough to increase only by optimizing the nodal formula, you must also make more progress and breakthroughs in improving the blade structure. In recent years, domestic and international development and the use of a variety of new blade matrix and zigzag structure (such as the blade matrix to open airflow hole slot or insert damping materials, the formation of concave wear sandwich in the serrated teeth, multiple fine-tooth, radially extending teeth tool materials, carbide dental care, etc.) to improve the cutting friction and cooling conditions, improve the blade sharp and cutting smooth to prevent jagged skid to prevent the side wear, to adapt the processing of hard and soft mixed materials, to avoid out tooth, save make full use of jagged materials, reduce cutting noise plays an important role, thus proving that improve the blade matrix and the zigzag structure is one important way of sawing effect.
However, there are a variety of substrates and the jagged structure of the blade force, stiffness, deformation, stress distribution, friction, noise, such as the impact of lack of in-depth theoretical analysis of the system matrix and the jagged structure of the program, and therefore proposed to improve the theoretical basis is still is not sufficient. In this paper an overview of the improve at home and abroad saw the matrix and the jagged structure of the study and application of the results, analysis of the characteristics of a variety of zigzag structure, the value of production problems, and the study saw the matrix and the zigzag structure involves the theoretical and technical prospects.
2 saw the matrix and the characteristics of the sawtooth structure analysis
Matrix and the jagged structure of the side of the 2.1 anti-wear in the cutting process, the blade high-speed operation, saw the matrix friction and wear debris flow. Due to the radial wear of the segments is inconsistent with the lateral wear when nodal layer will consume the friction of the blade matrix and debris increase, resulting in the folder saw, which will cause wear and deformation of the blade matrix reduce the matrix the number of reusable. To this end, take the following measures to protect the substrate. 1) welding method on the blade matrix uniformly distributed circumferential direction and radial direction staggered distribution of welding hard particles. This method can reduce the wear and tear of the debris flow on the side of the substrate, but will increase the baseplates body of manufacturing cost and the substrate deformation correction more difficult.
Low-temperature spray France saw the matrix side of the sprayed layer of WC-Co is the main component of the sprayed layer. The method can prevent the side wear, and raise the blade rigid. Such as sawing concrete pavement outside diameter Ø323mm diamond circular saw blades (blade speed 2400r / min, depth of cut 60mm, feed speed 3m/min), spray after spray life of saw blade can be 2899m to 4500m. The selection of the best sprayed layer coating process, thickness, spray area is the key to the application of the technology. 5), a staggered distribution of the sink, sink depth is 2/3 of the thickness of the nodal radial depth of the welding layer. Contact surface when sawing continuous split graphics. The technology is conducive to cooling and lubrication, chip removal capacity can be increased to reduce the nodal matrix friction and distortion.
2.2 to improve the state of stress, friction cooling conditions of the substrate and the zigzag structure analysis of the blade stress state and friction cooling conditions, a reasonable improvement matrix and the zigzag structure, can effectively improve the substrate by the force of deformation and serrated the friction cooling conditions, the delay matrix failed period, to improve the wear resistance of the blade and sharp save the tool material and reduce processing costs.
1) the HD Jerro using the finite element method is common nodal single tooth cutting a tooth cutting the next gear just entering the cutting, the two teeth at the same time cutting the three states to carry out stress analysis. When the saw blade diameter Ø200mm depth of cut 2mm blade thickness 1.8mm, width 7mm, the sink bottom outlet to the saw blade outer circumference of the distance Sh = 8.5mm, the design shown in Figure 6 the effect of better processing sink structure. Sink structure parameters: γ = 10 °, r = 3.5mm, ψ = 5 °, Ø = 5 °. This paper reveals the feasibility of the application of finite element analysis of blade stress state, but the breadth and depth of stress analysis to be further enhanced.
2) To improve the thermal stress state of the saw blade in the sawing process, increase radially extending slot in the substrate evenly spaced, in order to meet the thermal expansion and contraction of the matrix, the matrix due to thermal stress caused by deformation.
3) To improve the conditions of serrated tooth tip and tooth friction and force status, can be formed in the tooth top surface of the concave wear the "back"-shaped teeth, the "H"-shaped teeth, the concave-shaped teeth and a similar end shapes nodal homogeneous sandwich "tooth and widely used sandwich teeth.
The tooth top surface to form concave wear the "back"-shaped, the "H"-shaped and concave tooth due to the reduced contact area of ​​the addendum and processing materials, improved tooth side pressure state allows friction and heat markedly reduced , Segment sharp increase. Because the nodal concave part of the corresponding rock is often thin and brittle, rock around the role of the impact energy is easy to naturally broken, thus reducing the nodal layer material.
Inhomogeneous laminated tooth schematic can reduce tooth side of the frictional contact area of ​​the tooth as well as "L" type gear, ladder-type teeth, side slotted teeth and other U.S. the NED company, Osaka, Japan, diamond, Germany WihelmLeiritz companies have been The toothed applied Ø1000 ~ 5000 mm diameter saw blade. Small diameter saw blade, you can adopt helical type shown in Figure 12, the class toothed cooling medium import the nodal Qie Ruqie the length of the gradient can reduce the impact suffered. The key technology of the successful application of this method is a reasonable selection of the helix angle, tooth, and the cold press process control.
 4) To increase the cooling tank density, but not because of the steel substrate to sink too much caused blade insufficient rigidity, can be used multiple fine-tooth segments. The section block the outer edge of layer alveolus is slightly lower than the inner alveolar, when the outer layer of tooth wear after, the inner tooth but also as new teeth cutting. As the tooth to shorten the length and layered, can be achieved to improve the friction and cooling conditions to avoid the jagged skid, increasing the blade sharp and cutting a smooth, full use of the tool material effect, the effect of domestic scholars nodal length of the smaller, the smaller the total power consumption when the saw blade cutting "the same conclusion. Such section requires the use of cold forming production, will increase the cost of mold making and welding difficulty.

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