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Development of high-end products for overseas market recognition

Date:2011-10-12 11:25

November 14 announcement, the U.S. Commerce Department official diamond saw blades in China and South Korea to impose anti-dumping duties. Which the Company owned subsidiary of Aetna Iron and Steel Research superhard materials products limited liability company tax rate is 2.82%, the average tax rate of 21.4% and other Chinese companies, Korean companies an average rate of 16.4%.
Minimum the losses suffered by the anti-dumping duty order, only 2.82%. 2009 is expected to products exported to the U.S. is about $ 50 million, resulting in a loss of 1.4 million yuan, EPS decreased to 0.003 yuan.
The reason why the company suffered losses far lower than other companies of the industry, the most important three reasons:

(1) products with high technological content, and irreplaceable. Pre-raise investment projects "high quality diamond tools industry projects will be put into operation by the end of 2009, which will increase the advantage with other companies; (2) cost management practices, in line with WTO rules; (3) compliance of sales and marketing channels, to take the agent's mode of operation.
Has stimulated the implementation of the U.S. anti-dumping duty order on the company. To exit the U.S. market because of this incident is bound to make some enterprises and companies in the U.S. market share will further enhance. With the recovery of the U.S. real estate industry, it is expected that the 2010 diamond saw blade business will show significant growth.
The highlights of the company's future is still in the amorphous strip. 10,000 tons per day of production line stabilized at 20 to 26 tons, the follow-up to 30,000 tons production line is expected to end by the end of the hot test. State Grid is expected to price subsidies earmarked special funds for amorphous transformers, which will greatly enhance the promotion efforts of the amorphous transformers.
New energy, new materials will become the core competitiveness of China's industrial transformation, significant first-mover advantage in many areas, Tivoli source technology companies of which shares is China's largest nickel-metal hydride battery materials - hydrogen storage alloy powder suppliers. Estimated 09 to 11 years, the company can achieve the EPS 0.39,0.70,0.99, maintaining an "overweight" rating.

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